It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live – there are countless individuals and families all around the world that take pride in becoming a homeowner. Your home is much more than a house, as it represents your sanctuary and an inviting place for people to gather. That’s why your house should reflect your personality and emerging trends. One of the most important new trends in home decor is more glass in more parts of the house.

There are all sorts of ways to use glass to catch the eye, accentuate a specific area of the room, offer the illusion of more space, or simply provide a subtle elegance to your home. Here are some ideas as to how glass can improve your overall home decor in 2019.

Glass Shower Doors

While this has been the aesthetic at many luxury hotels all around the world; more homes are turning to glass showers to use natural or artificial light and make your showers as pleasant as possible. It also gives the illusion of a bathroom being larger than it really is.

After all, no one wants to fumble around in the dark for their conditioner in a dark shower, and dark showers can even cause possible injuries. A glass shower door can also make it seem as though a bathroom is larger, and can be much easier to maintain than your standard shower curtain. There is also the additional issue of a shower curtain constantly blowing in on you as you try to shower, as well. Glass shower doors can even potentially boost a home’s resale value, as well!

Glass Railings

While there is nothing wrong with more traditional iron railings, the truth is that glass railings can help update your home with a more sleek and modern look that cannot be denied. It doesn’t matter whether it’s attached to a new patio deck or an indoor staircase, glass railings can go a long way towards making your home feel cozier and more transparent.

There is also the additional safety aspect when it comes to small children, as glass railings offer very little space between panels for hands and feet to get stuck. The fact that one can see through the railings also helps when it comes to keeping an eye on the kids, whether they are playing in the living room, hallways, or outside – depending on where you are placing your glass railings. Glass railings are also better in terms of overall wear-and-tear and is much more resistant to the elements, as well.

Moving Glass Doors

There are more homes and businesses that are focused on being more “open” than ever so that the flow from one room to another is more seamless. This is where a moving glass wall can provide much more light and elegance to any home, no matter what kind of style or decor.

Moving glass doors are great in particular for outdoor views, which might be perfect for a lakehouse, for example. They also help to improve airflow and help to “open up” your home in a way that few other adjustments and additions can.