Milgard vinyl doors and vinyl windows have won Builder magazine’s Best Quality in the Nation Award six out of the last ten years and their National Most Used Vinyl Window Award four times. Founded in 1958 Milgard has progressively become one of the leading window manufacturers in the nation. With the use of quality materials, customer service and innovative designs Milgard strives to be the best window and door manufacturer in the industry. To learn more about Milgard please give us a call at Paso Robles Glass or stop by our showroom!

Milgard Windows & Doors, a division of Masco Corporation, manufactures high-quality, innovative windows and patio doors for the home improvement and new building construction markets. Milgard is excited to make a difference in the lives of homeowners every day by helping them create the home they deserve. They are on a journey to continue testing, developing and engineering the best windows and doors possible. Energy efficiency and energy savings drive their products to the forefront of change. Milgard’s product portfolio feature nine brands of windows and doors including Tuscany® Series, Essence Series® and Moving Glass Wall Systems. Paso Robles Glass is the number one Milgard dealer in San Luis Obispo County.

Tuscany Series Windows

Tuscany Series windows are designed with Milgard’s award-winning SmartTouch® Lock. With one hand, lift the locking mechanism to unlock and open the window. Using the same motion, Tuscany Series windows are closed and locked. Tuscany Series windows also offer equal sight lines so that the frame profile follows through the fixed panel and the vent.

Style Line Series Windows

Style Line® Series vinyl windows are crafted with narrow frames to allow for more visible glass area. The slim-profile design minimize obstructed view between two windows, making Style Line Series a great choice to use in combinations that reflect a sleek, contemporary look. Frames are available in a multitude of neutral colors to blend with softer tones.

Montecito Series Windows

Specially designed for new construction projects, Montecito® Series create a vibrant look through a multitude of options. Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, Montecito Series has the flexibility to address your needs because each window is custom designed to your specifications. Montecito® Series windows require little upkeep as the vinyl frame essentially takes care of itself. Minimal maintenance such as dusting the track and cleaning the glass with mild soap and water will help prolong the life of Montecito Series windows.

Ultra Series Windows

The dimensional stability of Ultra™ Series fiberglass windows make it a popular choice for high humidity and high heat environments, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Ultra™ Series windows and patio doors stay true through almost any environment. Because it’s made from glass fibers, the frame expands and contracts at approximately the same rate as the insulated glass it holds. This puts less stress on the seals, reduces the chance for seal failure while allowing for a clear, fog-free view.

Aluminum Series Windows

Extremely popular with architects, aluminum windows help accentuate the clean lines of modern design. Aluminum Series windows are not only beautiful, they are extremely durable to achieve unique architectural vision. Choose among four versatile colors including Clear Anodized and Bronze Anodized frames. Aluminum windows are available as non-thermally broken or thermally broken. The use of thermal barriers in aluminum framed windows vastly improves insulating ability. Polyurethane is placed between the frame to create a thermal barrier and reduce the flow to heat. Milgard Thermally Improved Aluminum windows are equipped with this thermal break and as a result, are more energy efficient.