Paso Robles Glass offers a wide range of shower and shower options – from basic by-pass sliders to state of the art heavy glass. Below is just some of what we have to offer. For full product overviews please visit us in our showroom at 609 22nd St in Paso Robles!

Frameless Shower

Frameless shower enclosures are made from “Heavy” 3/8” or ½” glass and assembled with clips or channel. They can be made to virtually any size, shape and configuration. With so many different glass and hardware options the possibilities are seemingly endless! Our shower experts will help you design the shower of your dreams as well as make sure your enclosure fits perfectly to every wall, around every bull nose corner and every angle is aligned perfectly!

Bypass Shower

Bypass shower enclosures can be made with either “Heavy” 3/8” or “Light” ¼” glass, typically decided by budget. The lighter version of the bypass is a great economical option, or if you would like a beautiful heavy glass shower but prefer the versatility of the bypass or don’t have room for a frameless swinging door a heavy bypass enclosure may be exactly what you’re looking for! Heavy bypass showers are also available in all of the same glass options as Frameless and Barn Door Style!

Barn Door Style Shower

Now this is an impressive shower enclosure! The Barn Door Style shower enclosures put a new twist on the traditional bypass with its modern bar and roller system. You can even add a 90* panel to the system to enclose that large fully custom shower you are having built! All of the heavy glass options are available as well.

Semi Frameless Shower

Semi Frameless shower enclosures are an economical option for a swinging style shower enclosure with a more economical prices. It utilizes ¼” glass and more frame material giving a beautiful combination of glass and aluminum extrusions.


Paso Robles Glass has a wide array of mirrors. From your standard clear mirrors to antiqued mirror, we have you covered. With highly competitive pricing we can replace that old peeling mirror in your bathroom quickly and cost effectively!

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